Headshot, blue backgroundFinn Jackson is a strategic coach who works with leaders and leadership teams to generate the clarity and inspiration they need to move to action: from inspiring vision to practical plan.

With a background in defence analysis followed by strategy consulting, Finn’s core experience includes almost a decade served on the pan-European and International (Europe, Latin America, Asia Pacific) leadership teams of two of the top three global accounts at Electronic Data Systems (EDS). Responsible variously for business planning, business development, strategic process improvement and reorganisation, Finn has achieved top to bottom organisational transformation, cost reduction and revenue growth in more than a dozen countries worldwide.

Finn’s practice is grounded in an integrated, systemic approach that combines strategy and execution, logic and emotion, with innovation and process. He fuses these viewpoints to generate a clear understanding of the situation, a focused vision of what is wanted instead, and then a robust, straightforward plan to generate lasting results.

Clients describe Finn as rare, truly innovative, inspiring and incisive. They use words such as clarity, laser focus, wisdom, and alchemy. He “paints an exciting space, articulates clear value for the customers, builds a convincing business model to deliver that value, and communicates it all in a compelling way.”

But Finn’s approach is always to draw out rather than instruct: “Finn helped me get a better understanding of where I am, and a lasting action plan for moving forward, which I can update as I go.” Or as one client put it, “Finn led me to where I wanted to be.”

To discuss how Finn might work with you to create a vision that inspires you, and a practical plan to get to where you want to be, email him.