Educated at Trinity College Oxford, Finn studied physics and learned to row.

He worked first as a systems analyst in the defence industry and then as a strategy consultant, gaining in-depth experience of competitor analysis, market studies and strategic profitability analysis.

In 1990/91 Finn took an MBA at Imperial College, passing with distinction and winning the prizes for best marketing project and best all-round performance.

He then joined EDS, the global IT services provider, where he worked in a series of roles that saw him rapidly promoted to the European leadership teams of two of the company’s top three global accounts. His responsibilities ranged top to bottom and across the business and included business planning, strategic process improvement, organisational strategic change, and business development.

Over nine years, Finn created lasting strategic change in almost every functional area of the business; from finance and HR, to sales, marketing and operations. In more than a dozen countries worldwide he aligned practical day-to-day operations with the strategic needs of the business, and vice-versa. His strategic ‘future blueprint’ for one $500m pan-European business unit identified the initiatives needed today to address key business drivers of the future. And for another $600m business unit he created a business plan that converted a forecast 10%pa decline into 5%pa growth.

In 2001 Finn left EDS to write a book that would integrate the strategic and operational views of business, and answer the simple question, “What does a business needs to focus on to be successful?”

The Escher Cycle was published in 2004 by Thomson-Texere, and has been called “A blueprint for winning any game your business chooses to play.”

Since then, Finn has co-founded and launched an innovative social network, and worked with a wide range of individuals and organisations ranging from startups to NGOs to global corporations.