Purpose and Values

Business people today are increasingly talking about purpose and values. This is partly because businesses with highly engaged workforces bring superior results (as Gallup and Tesla have shown). And partly it is because knowing our purpose and values brings us stability and direction in a time of change, as well as eight very practical benefits.

Whether purpose and values are currently important to you or not, you will probably want to know what mine are before you decide to do business with me.


My purpose is to create a generative world. Put simply, this means a world of win-win-win.


My core values are honour, harmony, and empowerment.

Honour means that I follow a fact-based approach, based on integrity and respect, and that I have a strong orientation towards action and results. Harmony means that I value and encourage difference because I know that it is only by having different ‘notes’ that we can create a harmony that is greater than the sum of its parts (and the clearer the individual notes, the better the harmony). Finally, empowerment means that my underlying aim is to help individuals and organisations to better understand and express their own uniqueness in the world.

What this means for you is that if we work together my underlying aim will be to help you and/or your organisation get clearer on who you are and express that more fully in the world. How deep we go with that will be up to you. But when individuals and organisations understand more clearly what makes them unique and become better able to express that, then they can make more profit, by adding more (unique) value to others. And that creates a generative world.

Knowing our purpose and values shows us what is important in a changing world. It shows us where to focus and what to ignore. This frees up time, making us more efficient and effective, bringing motivation, adaptability, and results.

(If appropriate, I can show you how to find your own values and/or purpose in about 15-30 minutes each, based on the times in your life when you have felt most alive.)