Finn aged 8 and nowFinn Jackson spent his childhood in the woods and streams of rural Wiltshire before winning a scholarship to the local private school. Now he coaches, consults, writes, speaks, and teaches on new approaches to strategy and leadership in times of change.

Finn’s core experience includes nearly a decade served on the European leadership teams of two of the top three global accounts at EDS. Here he designed and implemented top to bottom changes to strategy, process, organisation, and culture, ultimately across three continents: cutting costs, raising revenues, and increasing the agility of this information technology services company.

Finn has also worked as a strategy consultant (competitor analysis, market studies, strategic profit improvement), a defence analyst, co-founded an Internet startup, founded a Transition Town, and co-written a movie screenplay.

When life brought Finn his share of personal challenges (divorce, bereavement, and cancer) he chose to respond by learning to understand his emotional responses. Deep study of Carl Jung, Gregory Bateson, Will Schutz, Marshall Rosenberg, and others (both experientially and from reading) has helped to develop a high level of emotional intelligence.

It is this unique, systemic combination of strategic overview, practical understanding, and emotional intelligence that probably enables Finn to perceive insights and generate solutions in ways that others describe as “alchemy”:

“I find it difficult to put into words the alchemy Finn brought to my project.”

“If ever you have an intractable problem you’d like alchemised into pure solution, Finn Jackson is probably your man.”

Finn thinks differently. In a time of change, new perspectives bring new solutions and opportunities.

Reviewers called Finn’s first book “A unified theory of business” that “Describes how business works as a living system.” They said it was, “A blueprint for winning any game your business chooses to play.”

People are calling his second book, “Outstanding,” “Entertaining,” and “Wise.” “The inspiring manual for improving our VUCAbility.” “An essential shift in thinking: an ethical framework for business decision makers, based on emotional maturity.” And “Essential reading for any leader who wants to thrive in times of change… A book that should be on every change-maker’s bookshelf.” 

Finn holds a degree in physics from Oxford University and an MBA with distinction from Imperial College, London.

He has three children, enjoys cooking, walking, and attempting to play the piano. He once performed standup (reasonably well) and in 2017 he walked the Camino de Santiago in only 28 days.