The Churning

Cover of Inner Leadership, Second Edition

The skills needed for successful leadership in times of change are different from those that work when times are stable.

So what do we mean by Leadership and how can we improve it?

The book argues that the essence of great leadership comes down to just two things, inspiration and results:

  • The best leaders are the ones who get results
  • The best leaders are also the ones who inspire us
  • The truly great leaders are the ones who somehow manage to combine both inspiration and results

Volume 1 of The Churning (“Inner Leadership”), lays out the steps needed to create inspiration and emotional engagement in a time of change.

Volume 2, Outer Leadership (which is in development) lays out how to design and implement dynamic (’emergent’) strategy in a time of change.

Inspiration and emotional engagement provide the energy to deal with anything: staying calm in a crisis, making clear sense of the situation, finding more opportunities, and turning the best of them into an inspiring vision.

Outer leadership focuses that energy on to the activities that enable the organisation to adapt and evolve in a time of change.

Reviewers are calling Inner Leadership, “The inspiring manual to improve our VUCAbility” and “Essential reading for any leader who wants to thrive in times of change.” They say it is, “Brilliant… Fundamental… Entertaining… and Outstanding.”

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