Client Feedback

“If I were to describe in just one word the benefit Finn Jackson brings, that word would be: clarity.”

“He hit the bl**dy nail on the head!”

“If you ever need a business consultant to help you think about issues more creatively and unjam jams, Finn Jackson is your man.”

“The best person I have met for having the laser focus to strip away the weeds and reveal the essential bones. An essence-finder.”

“I find Finn very inspiring to work with.”


“Finn saw me for who I really am.”

“I’ve achieved things which would have been impossible two months ago. There is no way I’d be where I am now were it not for Finn’s involvement.”

Great to talk with you this morning. I feel much more motivated and focused.”

“The difference Finn makes is that the whole thing becomes more enjoyable rather than more stressful. And if you trust your inspiration then it becomes more enjoyable and that releases more inspiration and it feeds back on itself.”

“Finn thinks differently. In a very short time, he understood a lot of complex, unstructured information and focused it into a simple solution that was well-structured and specific to our needs.”

“A rare, truly innovative person with the ability to cut straight to the heart of the matter, he combines thought leadership with a rapid return on investment.”

“Most coaches solve the problem you bring by saying, ‘You need to do Steps 1, 2, 3…’ But Finn looks at the situation holistically. After that you don’t need a ‘plan’ — you just know how to do it. It feels instinctive but actually you’re tapping into your full adult persona.”

“Turns complex problems into simple solutions.”

“Helped me to create the paradigm shift our organisation needed. Got us to understand that we needed to change and showed us the direction we needed to move in.”

“If ever you have an intractable problem you’d like alchemised into pure solution, Finn Jackson is probably your man.”

“We very much enjoyed working with Finn and have found him to be one of the wisest and most incisive people we have met in business.”

“I am having really good discussions with my wife… rediscovering a mutual trust that has not been there for many years. More than a decade actually.”

“For the first time in decades I feel the anxiety I was used to living with is fading away like snow in spring.”

“Finn Jackson’s consulting technique comes as a great relief… His style is reassuringly inclusive and collaborative but at all times grounded, consistent, and considered. He has a skill for debunking vague assumptions by breaking them down into a sequence of reasoned steps which can each be understood and tested. From this he is able to make incisive, logical deductions, and to draw it all together to form a consistent picture upon which a workable business strategy can be founded. Truly a breath of fresh air!

“He put into simple language the concept and strategic space I had been struggling with.”

“What I got was something that worked for me almost on a spiritual level. I came away with a deep understanding not only of my own drivers around the project and what I want out of it but also the drivers of the people I will need to involve in order for the project to succeed.”

“I find it difficult to put into words the alchemy Finn brought to my project. One key thing is that he understands business. He articulated and encapsulated the key points, which helped me understand my situation and pin down what I need to do. Another thing he brings is structure: initially, my thinking was an unstructured jumble of thoughts. Finn added structure and process so that I ended up with my plan, expressed clearly. Finn also shows how it fits into a bigger picture. So now I have a clear understanding of where I am, a clear plan to get where I want to go, which I can easily update as I move forward.”

“Finn led me to where I wanted to be.”

“Paints an exciting space, articulates clear value for customers, builds a convincing business model to deliver that value, and communicates it all in a compelling way.”

“Shows people the genius in what they are trying to create. Shows them the practicality of what had previously seemed as impossible as an Escher drawing.”

Thought-provoking, well put, and concise.”

“I just wanted to say once again how enormously helpful you have been, and to thank you once more.”

World class.”