New problems require new thinking

To get different results you need to behave differently. To achieve that you need to plan differently. And to plan differently from your competitors you need to think differently from them.

The focus of this blog is mostly around examples of thinking differently about various situations.

For example, in 1854, a major new outbreak of cholera struck Soho in London. With cesspools overflowing the decision had been taken to dump raw sewage straight into the Thames, but at the time nobody saw this as a problem because nobody thought that cholera had anything to do with polluted drinking water. They knew (or thought they knew) that just as with malaria, cholera was caused by bad air.

But one person, John Snow, mapped the cholera cases and removed the handle from one particular water pump, proving that polluted water was the problem. This not only solved the short term problem, but also enabled cities to grow much larger over time, through the use of piped water and sanitation.

Einstein told us that it is impossible to solve problems with the same level of thinking that created them. Gregory Bateson said that most of the problems we face are the result of a difference between the way we think the world works and the way it actually works.

In these blog posts you will find examples of thinking differently about a variety of situations. These may not immediately address the situations you are facing today, but they give examples of how different thinking leads to different, often simpler, understanding, and hence simpler clearer plans for action and results.

Finn Jackson thinks differently and brings a new perspective to the situation, which can help you get the results you want.

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