Purpose and Values

Business people are increasingly talking about purpose and values. This is partly because businesses with highly engaged workforces bring superior results (as Gallup and Tesla have shown). And partly it is because in a time of change, knowing our purpose and values brings focus, stability, and direction that delivers eight very practical benefits.

If you decide to do business with me you will probably want to know what my purpose and values are.


My purpose is to create a generative world: a hyper-sustainable world in which at the end of each year there are more of the key resources that matter rather than fewer.

What this means for you is that my purpose is to help you, your team, your organisation, and everyone you do business with, grow stronger with each challenge you face.

For organisations this translates into competitive advantage that grows stronger the more of it you have. For individuals it is about enabling each person to become clearer on who they are and what matters most to them, and more able to put that into practice. This, in turn, translates into Joy, eudaemonia, or self-actualisation.

This is the underlying purpose behind everything I do.


Our values shape the way we go about achieving our objectives. My core values are honour, harmony, and empowerment.

Honour means that if we work together my approach will be fact-based, outcome-oriented, and delivered with integrity and respect for all parties involved.

“Harmony” means I will look for ways to bring those different parties together in ways that create a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts.

And “empowerment” means that my focus is on understanding and activating the unique value that you and your organisation can bring to the world. As Joseph Schumpeter described, it is when we are most uniquely ourselves that we can deliver and earn the greatest value. Copying others merely results in a race to the bottom.

The impact of these values can be seen in the following client quotes:

“In a very short time, Finn understood a lot of complex, unstructured information and focused it into a simple solution that was well-structured and specific to our needs.”

“Finn painted an exciting space, articulated clear value for customers, built a convincing business model to deliver that value, and communicated it all in a compelling way.”

“Finn led me to where I wanted to be.”

To discuss how I might work with you to make you or your team generative, individually inspired and aligned to create something that is greater than the sum of your parts, phone +44-(0)1865-809-414 or send an email to finn [dot] jackson [at] gmail [dot] com.