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Finn Jackson is an experienced and highly insightful coach. Clients speak of the ‘alchemy‘ he brings. They use words like ‘wisdom’, ‘incisive’, and ‘inspiring’.

Finn achieves these results by drawing on more than just the standard coaching toolkits. His experience includes strategy consulting and implementing top-to-bottom change across three continents, as well as working in organisations that range from startups and civil society organisations to SMEs and global multinationals. Finn also has the kind of mind that is comfortable switching between strategic and operational viewpoints. Combined with a coaching approach and tools, he rapidly understands his clients’ situations.

Finn is also highly intuitive and empathic. He has studied psychology widely (including Jung, Schutz, Frankl, non-violent communication, and constellations). He is not a trained therapist but he finds this additional background provides a wide underpinning base for the coaching process, which not only helps him understand situations more clearly but also brings insights and hunches that lead to useful questions (and answers) faster.

This rare ability to combine both emotional and business insights is illustrated by the words of one client who said simply, “Finn led me to where I wanted to be.”


The coaching process is ideal for working with individuals but when the time comes to impact the organisation, consulting approaches are needed.

As past clients testify, Finn’s consulting style is an extension of his coaching approach: “inclusive and collaborative but at all times grounded, consistent, and considered.”

Depending on the situation, this might involve working with the leadership team, facilitating workshops, conducting a strategic analysis, or working to embed desired changes into new plans or business processes. Other typical interventions include:

  • Describing your chosen way forward as a vision that inspires and engages specific audiences
  • Finding more options for moving forward from where you are now, choosing the best of them
  • Identifying your underlying purpose and values
  • Identifying, ranking, and qualifying new product or service ideas
  • Identifying the key drivers of your future success, plus actions to address them

Finn’s core skill lies in understanding and finding practical solutions to the strategic issues of the day. Now he applies this to building emotional engagement and focusing that energy on to the key activities that will enable the client organisation to run itself as a living, adaptive, evolving organism.

Speaking and Executive Education

Finn is an experienced international and keynote speaker. He has presented on leadership, strategy, sustainability, and competitiveness not only in the UK but also Italy, the Czech Republic, Denmark, and Germany.

In spring 2018 Finn will deliver two modules of an exciting new transformative executive education program at the Carlson School of Management in Minneapolis-St Paul. The first is a keynote on how ‘Inner Leadership’ can build a form of competitive advantage that grows stronger with each challenge the organisation faces. The second is a workshop where attendees will apply that thinking to make their own change programmes more successful.