Screen shot 2015-03-09 at 10.02.38Finn Jackson works with leaders and leadership teams to develop the clarity and inspiration they need to move forward.

Finn has worked with and in global corporations, startups, SMEs, NGOs, and civil society organisations. He has created lasting top to bottom strategic change in almost every functional area, in more than a dozen countries worldwide. This includes ideation, innovation, growth, risk-rated cost reduction, business planning, turnaround, and designing and implementing new processes and tools for sales, marketing, leadership development, HR, and finance.

What differentiates Finn are his abilities to take on a large amount of diverse information and structure it into an integrated picture, to include and take account of the unconscious emotional aspects of change as well as the conscious rational ones, and to zoom in and out between operational and strategic viewpoints, combining them all into simple, robust, practical plans to move forward.

Finn now works with leaders to articulate visions that will inspire them and others, and to create robust plans to achieve those visions.

His 2004 book, The Escher Cycle, was described as “a blueprint for winning any game your business chooses to play.” (Now updated to a second edition and available as an ebook.)

His forthcoming book, The Churning, is a leadership handbook for creating inspiration and results in times of change.

“If ever you have an intractable problem you’d like alchemised into pure solution, Finn is probably your man.”

“We very much enjoyed working with Finn and have found him to be one of the wisest and most incisive people we have met in business.”

Finn has a degree in physics from Oxford university and an MBA with distinction from Imperial College, London.

You can contact him via email at finn.jackson@gmail.com.