Coaching offer

Finn Jackson has designed and implemented top to bottom changes to strategy, process, organisation, and culture in more than a dozen countries worldwide. As part of the European leadership teams of two of the top three accounts at EDS he developed turnaround plans, identified and addressed key strategic issues, built new revenue streams, designed risk-rated cost reductions, and implemented new processes and tools to handle changes in HR, finance, sales, marketing, business development, and service delivery.

Finn now works as a coach and consultant accelerating clients’ ability to build the two things that matter most in times of change: emotional engagement and the ability to channel that energy into the activities that turn the business into a living adaptive organism: able to respond to anything and so thrive in times of change.

In January 2018 Finn is running a special offer for new clients: an introductory coaching session for just £99

If you would like to get clearer on an issue do with strategy leadership, or change…
If you would like to find a clearer vision or purpose that inspires you or your team to do more faster and create a practical plan to get there, call Finn now on (07773) 7737 72 to arrange an appointment or initial exploration.

“He hit the bloody nail on the head!”
“If you ever need a business consultant to help you
think about issues more creatively and unjam jams, Finn Jackson is your man.”

“Finn led me to where I wanted to be.”

Reviewers called Finn’s first book “A blueprint for winning any game your business chooses to play.” They are calling his second, “The inspiring manual to improve our ability to thrive in times of change” and “A book that should be on every change-maker’s bookshelf.” He has a degree in physics from Oxford university and an MBA with distinction from Imperial College.

Finn has also co-founded an Internet startup, founded a Transition Town, and co-written a movie screenplay.