Why the G20 haven’t changed

With the news from the G20 in Rio being widely-classed as ‘disappointing‘, a quote from the book I am reading on organisational-system change seems appropriate.

The book is Systemic Coaching and Constellations, by John Whittington.

Published this month, it is a very readable introduction to the art of using constellations to facilitate organisational change. (Constellations are a way of uncovering and addressing the unconscious dynamics that operate in human systems and organisations.)

The relevant quote is this:

“…Change won’t happen unless it’s driven by and supported from the top. In fact change won’t happen if the system doesn’t require it for it’s own health or survival.”

That is the crux of the matter.

G20 leaders will not change their behaviour until the survival of their organisations is at stake.

Given the scale of resources they are used to commanding, that may not be for some time.

If we want change, it must come from elsewhere.


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