Four ways of approaching obstacles

One of the things I enjoy about taking time out to write a book is that I get to reflect on a wide variety of experiences, collect them together, and structure them into a simple format. In short I get to learn.

In this post I realise that there are four ways to look at what we might see as an ‘obstacle’.

Each of these interpretations has come to me at different times in my life. And putting them together I see that:

  • One way is to see them as an ‘obstacle’, an annoyance to be got around or through
  • Another is to see them simply as part of our jobs: our job is to address the obstacles that arise
  • A third is to see them as learning opportunities: part of our lifelong personal development
  • And a fourth is to see them as a test, of what we truly care about: do we care enough to do the work to change this situation?

The way we interpret each ‘obstacle’ will drive the way we react to it.

If you want to read the article in full you can do so here.

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