I have been writing a blog a day for nearly two weeks now.

What have I learned?

1) Uncovering my/our thinking has been hard.
It has perhaps been like a tennis player or golfer or dancer, breaking down a stroke or dance move into every constituent step. Painstakingly slow, and probably not much fun to watch — yet hopefully worth it in the long run.

I suppose that, having become aware of the constituent parts, the thing to do now is to keep repeating them until they flow.

2) Bateson was right — our thinking is leading us towards another Fukushima; and worse.

3) I am ‘trapped’ in the same thinking.
I am operating from a goal-driven perspective that I know is part of the problem I am trying to solve. This is a double-bind that I cannot see a way out of. Perhaps the way out is not to think, but to act.

Reflections do not give us a very clear view of the world. They can be upside down or back to front. But sometimes they are all we’ve got.

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