Study predicts imminent irreversible planetary collapse

You probably knew this already.

Every new study, every new piece of evidence, every … thing points to a worsening situation, and this new study in Nature is no exception.

This page gives a summary: the end of life and civilisation on this planet within a few generations, an irreversible tipping point reached sooner.

It is gloomy stuff, unlikely to win me popularity or more readers. But I am explicitly posting this here now to put a stake in the ground.

I refuse to accept this and do nothing.
I refuse to be an ostrich and ignore the evidence. I refuse to be a butterfly and simply ‘party’.

I am the result of six billion years of evolution and I shall do something. I don’t know what, but I shall do something. It may be enough. It may not be enough. But there is no other priority for action that will allow me to reach my death bed with my integrity and my soul intact.

Synchronistically, facebook provides me with this:

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It begins.

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