What is real? Simpler is better.

“Artist’s impression of the amplituhedron”
which may shape how the universe works:


Physicists have discovered that the universe might not be made up of space and time after all.

This seems pretty fundamental, although I have no idea yet how we might apply it to our everyday lives, or to business.

But we know that it took years from the realisation that lasers were possible (Einstein) until they came into widespread use — in DVD players, and supermarket barcode scanners, and ultrafast fibre-optic broadband…

If you want more details on the amplituhedron and its implications for space-time there’s a good article about it here.

And as we wait for the full implications of this discovery to work their way through the system, we can put this insight to work today, if we remember that:

  • Things do not always work the way we think they do.
  • When things seem to be getting complicated, it could well be because we’re looking at them in the wrong way — missing out on a deeper structure.
  • The way things actually are is very simple*, and beautiful.
  • Understanding that deeper simplicity offers us the potential see the situation in a new light, and apply it to get what we want more easily.


* Johannes Kepler did a similar thing 400 years ago when he pointed out that instead of the incredibly complicated calculations that used to be needed to calculate the orbits of the planets, life would become so much simpler if we just pretended that the planets rotated around the sun…

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