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Creating inspiration

The lessons of Inner Leadership are an essential step to delivering sustainable leadership. They bring stability, focus, alignment, and competitive advantage. This is the fourth in a series of eight articles explaining why and how. Our search for sustainable leadership has shown … Continue reading

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Standup Comedy

I recently took a short course in standup comedy. What attracted me was the idea that it might be easier to communicate ideas if we sprinkle them amongst comedy. Here is the result: my first ever standup gig, recorded at a comedy club … Continue reading

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Making sense of a shifting world

To me this gif is a metaphor for the way we make sense of the world. When we are born and as we grow up we learn to make sense of the world around us. We think it has always … Continue reading

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What Business Cycles Can Teach Us About Evolution (and vice-versa)

We often talk about the need for a paradigm shift, but then we carry on with the same old paradigms, because we know them well and they are comfortable. Here is a longish piece I have just had published, about … Continue reading

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Adding new senses

The universe runs from the scale of tiny particles to entire galaxies, but we only see and make sense of the things from a few millimetres to perhaps a few kilometres. More than that, we only sense a small fraction of the … Continue reading

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On work and love

Freud revealed to us that life is work and love. These two sides of the same coin are what life is all about. But as a culture we find it much easier to talk about one than the other. When we meet someone … Continue reading

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The biggest biotech discovery of the century is about to change medicine forever

This article in Business Insider explains how biochemists have created a tool that enables them to cut out a particular piece of DNA in human cells and replaced it with another one. “Great!” we think. Now we can repair defective DNA, curing … Continue reading

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I am not a thing, a noun — I am a verb, a process

I found this on googleplus today: “I live on Earth at present, and I don’t know what I am. I know that I am not a category. I am not a thing – a noun. I seem to be a … Continue reading

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Guardian Strategy, III — Culture and the “ecology of news provision”

Another article showing how the thinking in my first book, The Escher Cycle, can be used to make sense of The Guardian’s strategy. This one maps what David Pemsel called “the ecology of news provision”, examines where The Guardian fits, … Continue reading

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The power of “simple rules repeated without end.”

Fractals make the world go round, in ways we do not yet appreciate. Here’s a lovely talk by the guy who discovered them. One thing he discovered is that if you have a coastline (like, say, Britain’s) and you measure … Continue reading

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