Mapping ‘chaos’ to make its meaning clear

This video is interesting on several levels.

First, is that it shows how it is possible to save the lives of babies who previously would have died.

Second, is that the way we (humans) do this is by plotting ‘chaos’. We combine bits of information about the babies and spot patterns that show when the baby is shifting to another state. It is then very clear (from about 6m15s) when the baby has shifted from its normal way of being (green) to an abnormal way which means a heart attack is imminent (red). (from about 6m15s)

Third, is that the way we (humans) have achieved this is by transferring knowledge from one area of expertise (motor racing) to another (intensive healthcare).

Fourth is that “There is no rocket science here. it is merely displaying data that exists already, in a different way: to amplify it, to provide cues [for intervention]” (6m40)

And fifth, is that I wonder where else it would be possible to create a display like this, to reveal hidden patterns. For example in our financial markets, our voting patterns, or our weather/climate,

Sixth, of course, is that every industry, every business, every one of us has something like this to teach to someone else.

Mapping ‘chaos’ to make its meaning clear.

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