On passing 400ppm

Quite a few memes on Facebook today have dealt with the passing of the 400ppm CO2 level in the atmosphere.

It’s going to carry on heading upwards for a few more years yet. And the weather’s going to carry on getting worse for a few more years yet.

Food is going to be affected, and prices will go up.

Businesses will be disrupted directly by the weather. And (indirectly) by the fact that when customers spend more on food there is less to spend on the rest of the economy. So expect GDP (or the real size of the economy) to continue to shrink. (Even if rising prices make it look as if turnover has risen.)

Climate change is a choice. There is enough money in the world to have paid to avert it several times over. But emotionally, psychologically, the people who control the money cannot bring themselves to do it. Yet.

Tell me what are you going to do with your one wild and precious life?




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