The nub

ego-ecoToday it seems to me that the nub of it all is hierarchy and interconnectedness.

There are some people who think in terms of hierarchy: ie God, followed by Pope/King/President/Prime Minister/CEO/The 1%, then the rest of the imagined hierarchy of people, and then ‘nature’ (mammals, other animals, then plants, fungi, bacteria, …), and then inert minerals etc…

And there are some people who see the world as made up of different, equal, interconnecting parts of a greater whole. The “we are all God” viewpoint.

It seems to me that the hierarchical way of looking at things is what is bringing the planet to its knees:
– The people who see the world in terms of hierarchy try to climb to the ‘top’ of their imagined hierarchy. This is principally measured by money, so they mine and drill and privatise and wage war. To get themselves to the ‘top’.
– And the people who see the world as connected don’t understand this. They just want to connect and play their parts.

And so the Amazon jungle gets cut down, mountains of coal get removed, fracking is allowed to poison other people’s water supplies, and in the past 50 years over 90% of the world’s large fish have been eaten and the oceans are now approaching a mass-extinction. And none of this matters to people who believe in hierarchy. Because their goal

And it seems to me that ultimately what needs to happen is for the ‘connected’ people to find ways to control or rein in the people who believe in ‘hierarchy’.

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